More Choices for Anglers

New Ice Models for 2020/2021

November 13, 2020

More Choices for Anglers: New Ice Models for 2020/2021

New-for-2021 St. Croix ice rods give anglers new options in performance and price


Ice will soon be building southward across the norther-tier states, beckoning passionate anglers to begin their annual hardwater pursuits. St. Croix Rod – makers of the Best Rods on Earth® – are busy building, too… handcrafting the most complete lineup of technique-specific ice rods that give anglers the upper hand in any situation.


St. Croix is proud to offer 20 new ice models in three different series to expand choices to anglers for the 2020/2021 ice season. From the comprehensive, hardworking, reimagined Mojo Ice Series to three new extra-fast models in the pinnacle Croix Custom Ice (CCI) Series, St. Croix offers more options and more performance on the ice than ever before, including five brand-new Premier Ice Series Combos.


NEW Croix Custom Ice (CCI) Models

Continuing its promise to deliver technique-specific rods to ice anglers, St. Croix’s pinnacle CCI series of ice rods grows for the 2020/2021 ice season with three exciting new extra-fast models. Requested by anglers, the new 38” medium, extra-fast EYE RAISER (CI38MXF), 32” light, extra-fast PAN DANCER (CI32LXF) and 30” medium, extra-fast HOUSE (CI30MXF) expand the 2021 made-in-the-USA CCI series to 16 models, and feature proprietary blank technologies for extreme performance unavailable in any other production ice rod.


Designed to present large baits to trophy walleye, the standout CCI CI38MXF EYE RAISER features an angler-requested full cork grip and reel seat, and is the complete power-jigging package.


Designed for inside power-jigging, the 30” HOUSE ROD features a full cork handle, while the PAN DANCER features a cork split-grip handle, both without reel seats for optimized reel placement depending on size and weight.


The new EYE RAISER and HOUSE ROD models are crafted from a dynamic blend of carbon and glass patterns in a tubular construction (TCG), resulting in extra-fast blanks that are extremely light and exceptionally sensitive, with tip flex for superior bite detection and the power necessary to control large predators. Optimal for panfish presentations – especially with jigs and spoons – the new extra-fast PAN DANCER model is crafted from St. Croix’s advanced solid glass (SG), delivering the ideal taper for bite detection without compromise to control or hook-setting ability.


Each Croix Custom Ice rod is uniquely designed, engineered and handcrafted in the USA to exceed the expectations of the most demanding ice anglers.


NEW St. Croix CCI Models

  • CI38MXF EYE RAISER, 38”, medium power, extra-fast action spinning, Tubular Carbon Glass (TCG) construction / Retail $150
  • CI30MXF HOUSE ROD, 30”, medium power, extra-fast action spinning, Tubular Carbon Glass (TCG) construction / Retail $140
  • CI32LXF PAN DANCER, 32”, light power, extra-fast action spinning, Solid Glass (SG) construction / Retail $140


St. Croix CCI Features

  • Proprietary blank technology built into each model for extreme performance, including Solid Carbon (SC material), Solid Glass (SG material), Tubular Carbon (TC material), Tubular Carbon / Tubular linear S Glass (TCG material), and Tubular Carbon Fused to Tubular linear S Glass (TCFG material)
  • 16 technique-specific models feature unrivaled technology and performance
  • REC Recoil guides with black pearl finish
  • Split-grip or full grip / super-grade cork handle
  • Two coats of Flex-Coat slow cure finish
  • 5-year warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service
  • Designed and handcrafted in Park Falls, U.S.A.
  • Retail price $130 to $160


NEW Reimagined Mojo Ice Series

St. Croix’s angler-favorite line of technique-specific ice rods, the Mojo Ice Series has been refreshed and improved for the 2020/2021 season with updated cosmetics and new EVA handles. Precision-taper solid carbon (SC) blanks now wear a stealthy new Carbon Dust color with Black Cherry Metallic accents. Mojo Ice’s angler-acclaimed proprietary custom reel seat has also been upgraded with a new, flat finish. Mojo Ice’s ten spinning models feature new split-grip EVA handles, while the series’ two casting models feature full  EVA handles. Mojo Ice models retail between $50 and $60.


Reimagined St. Croix Mojo Ice Models

  • MJI24UL – 24” ultra-light power spinning / MSRP $50
  • MJI24ML – 24” medium-light power spinning / MSRP $50
  • MJI24M – 24” medium power spinning / MSRP $50
  • MJI28UL – 28” ultra-light power spinning / MSRP $50
  • MJI28ML – 28” medium-light power spinning / MSRP $50
  • MJI28M – 28” medium power spinning / MSRP $50
  • MJI32M – 32” medium power spinning / Retail $55
  • MJI36L – 36” light power spinning / Retail $55
  • MJI36M – 36” medium power spinning / Retail $55
  • MJI36MH – 36” medium-heavy power spinning / Retail $60
  • MJIC34MH – 34” medium-heavy power casting / Retail $60
  • MJIC34H – 34” heavy power casting / Retail $60


Reimagined St. Croix Mojo Ice Features

  • Precision-taper solid carbon (SC material) blank provides superior performance
  • Premium split-grip cork/EVA handle
  • Custom reel seat ideal for all techniques
  • Sea Guide lightweight stainless-steel guides
  • 1-year warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service
  • Designed in Park Falls, U.S.A. and handcrafted in North America (Fresnillo, Mexico)
  • Retail price $50 to $60


NEW Premier Ice Series Combos


A completely new offering for the 2020/2021 ice season, St. Croix’s Premier Ice Series Combos offer five distinct and reliable Premier Ice rods paired with Daiwa QX750 reels to bring anglers success on the ice in multiple presentations and techniques at a great price.


St. Croix Premier Ice Series Combo Models

  • PIC24ML – 24” medium-light power with W-QX750 spinning reel / MSRP $65
  • PIC28ML – 28” medium-light power with W-QX750 spinning reel / MSRP $70
  • PIC28M – 28” medium power with W-QX750 spinning reel / MSRP $70
  • PIC36M – 36” medium power with W-QX750 spinning reel / MSRP $75
  • PIC36MH – 36” medium-heavy power with W-QX750 spinning reel / MSRP $75


St. Croix Premier Ice Series Combo Features

  • Sensitive solid carbon (SC material) blank
  • Sea Guide reel seat
  • Lightweight stainless steel guides
  • Daiwa QX750 reel with 3 ball bearings, aluminum ABS spool, soft-touch handle, aluminum folding arm and special grease for cold temps
  • Retail price $65 to $75


Ice is here and we know you’ve got work to do. Let St. Croix help you up your hardwater game this season. Learn more about our full selection of handcrafted, performance ice rods at