It takes a lot of hands to produce a St. Croix fishing rod — 32 pairs to be more precise… and sometimes more. The point is that every rod we manufacture is carefully crafted, assembled and tested by passionate professionals who want to ensure you have the best fishing experience possible. Get to know the men and women behind the St. Croix brand.

Meet the Team

The Schluter Family

Lori Theis
carla gardner
Julie McKay
Bill Koening
Linda Tapplin
Logan Eitrem
Joey Singer
Margaret Smart
Shawnee Graf
Ronda Farina
Charlie Bolton
Tolvo Nevala
Jack Robinson
Diana Bell
Jessica Ernest
Karrie Smith
Jason Brunner
Cathy Thums
Kayla Smart
Linda Hill
Justina Edwards
Judy Kelnhofer
Maggie Jeffers
Jason Schoenborn
Tom Robinson
Sarah Niday
Dan Scherwinski
Dan Levra
Erin Sands
Ken Boness
Greg Langrehr
Al Murphy
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