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A family legacy

Meet the schluter family and their special leadership

NEW Legend Glass Spinning rod

Legend Glass steps into the spinning rod universe at the Bassmaster Classic: another one of the Best Rods on Earth from St. Croix Rod.

Spring Crappies The Approach - Part 2

Joe Balog talks to a 2 rod technique for covering water where slabs congregate.

Rods that manage small baits for BIG Musky

Rich Belanger and Joe Bucher discuss the evolution of Musky bait sizes and how they are swinging back to a smaller size.

Meet Our Machinery

Handcrafted fishing rods from the St. Croix Family. Proprietary materials and technologies in the hands of the finest craftsmen in the world deliver the "Best Rods On Earth"

Legend Tournament Inshore

Introducing the ICAST-award-winning Legend Tournament Inshore family of rods from St. Croix

Legend X - Experience the Madness

Simply put, the Legend X is an amalgamation of the finest materials, components and manufacturing techniques available

St Croix Imperial USA

The IMPERIAL® USA (freshwater and saltwater fly) proves perfect for passing along the fly-fishing tradition

Anglers Inn International

Angler’s Inn International owner Billy Chapman Jr. sings high praise of his new relationship with St. Croix

Crankbait Tips for Smallmouth

Pack-hunting smallmouth are like seagulls; when one fish gets hooked up, his or her schoolmates want a piece of the action

Tips for Wacky Rigging

You can always provoke strikes with a Strike King Zero stick worm

Timeless Spinnerbait Tips

Nothing like the from bass slamming your spinnerbait!

Pad Patrol Tips

You would think bass would be smart enough to stay away from lily pads, since it’s the first area most anglers head

Behind the Carbon Curtain

Take a behind the scenes tour of the St. Croix Rod factory in Park Falls, WI

BASS X from St. Croix Rod

From the budget-minded to hippest millennial, BASS X meets the demands of the bass-centric


The new Mojo Jig saltwater series is built to excel in the demanding sport of vertical jigging


Legend Glass is a new series featuring premium, linear S-Glass blanks built on IPC-engineered mandrels creating the ultimate fiberglass rods

St. Croix Rod SOLE

Sole fly rods are unique in design and provide a new path to one-piece performance

St. Croix Avid X

Featuring classic SCIII graphite blanks with IPC® tooling technology, cork split-grip handles and Kigan’s advanced micro-guide platform that reduces weight while maintaining optimum line flow efficiency

Mojo Bass

Now featuring SCIII graphite and IPC® tooling technology, Mojo Bass is ore balanced and sensitive than ever before, and is 15% lighter

Legend Elite

Introducing the completely redesigned Legend Elite®. From butt to tip, we’ve made our flagship series even better

Mojo Bass Fly

Three models (MBF7117.2, MBF7118.2, MBF7119.2) built on St. Croix’s lightweight, sensitive SCII graphite 2-piece blanks. Black cherry metallic color