Experience the New Legend Tournament Bass

April 25, 2022

Experience the New Legend Tournament Bass

St. Croix’s all-new Legend Tournament Bass Series of high-performance technique-specific bass rods is available to anglers right now. These 24 new Legend Tournament Bass rods feature next-generation hybrid SCIV+ carbon fiber blanks, with select reaction-bait models featuring all-new iACT Glass hybrid blanks. All-new Legend Tournament Bass rods also incorporate St. Croix’s top technologies and premium components. The result? A lighter, stronger family of Legend Tournament bass rods poised to elevate the bass-fishing experience with an elite combination of balance, performance, and capability in any technique or presentation.

New Legend Tournament Bass Features and Models

New St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass Features

  • Next-generation hybrid CARBON FIBER SCIV+ blanks
  • Technique-specific iACT SCIV+ and linear S-Glass hybrid blanks on specific models
  • Fortified Resin System (FRS) technology
  • Advanced Reinforcing TechnologyTM (ARTTM)
  • Integrated Poly Curve® (IPC®) mandrel technology
  • Taper Enhancement Technology (TET) blank design
  • Fuji® K-Series tangle-free guides with Alconite® rings
  • Fuji® SK2 reel seat on casting models with ergonomic complimenting componentry
  • Fuji® VSS real seat on spinning models with extended foregrip
  • Precision machined aluminum reel seat nut
  • Split-grip super-grade cork handles customized per model
  • Full-grip super-grade cork handles on select models
  • Model-specific hook keepers selectively placed per technique
  • 15-year transferable warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service
  • Designed and handcrafted in Park Falls, U.S.A. for bass anglers worldwide
  •  Retail price $290 to $345

New St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass Casting Models

  • JERKBAITS / LBTC68MXF – 6’8”, medium power, extra-fast action / Retail $295
  • ALL-IN / LBTC71MHF – 7’1”, medium-heavy power, fast action / Retail $300
  • FINESSE GLASS CRANKER (iACT) / LBTC72MM - 7’2”, medium power, moderate action / Retail $315
  • FINESSE CARBON CRANKER / LBTC72MHMF – 7’2”, medium-heavy power, moderate-fast action / Retail $315
  • CARBON CRANKER / LBTC72MHM - 7’2”, medium-heavy power, moderate action / Retail $315
  • RIP-N-CHATTER / LBTC72HM (iACT) - 7’2”, heavy power, moderate action / Retail $315
  • WORKHORSE / LBTC73MHF – 7’3”, medium-heavy power, fast action / Retail $320
  • POWER FINESSE / LBTC73HXF - 7’3”, heavy power, extra-fast action / Retail $320
  • FLIP-CHAT-CRANK / LBTC73HMF – 7’3”, heavy power, moderate-fast action / Retail $320
  • POWER GLASS CRANKER / LBTC74MHM (iACT) – 7’4”, medium-heavy power, moderate action / Retail $325
  • SLOP-N-FROG / LBTC74HF – 7’4”, heavy power, fast action / Retail $325
  • WARHORSE / LBTC75MHF – 7’5”, medium-heavy power, fast action / Retail $330
  • FLIP’N / LBTC76HMF – 7’6”, heavy power, moderate-fast action / Retail $335
  • BIG CRANKER / LBTC710HM – 7’10”, heavy power, moderate action / Retail $345
  • MAG CRANKER / LBTC710XHM – 7’10”, extra-heavy power, moderate action / Retail $345
  • POWER FLIP’N / LBTC711HMF – 7’11”, heavy power, moderate-fast action / Retail $340

New St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass Spinning Models

  • PINPOINT / LBTS68MXF – 6’8”, medium power, extra-fast action / Retail $290
  • DROPSHOT FINESSE / LBTS610MLXF – 6’10”, medium-light power, extra-fast action / Retail $290
  • VERSATILE / LBTS71MF – 7’1”, medium power, fast action / Retail $300
  • DROPSHOT FINESSE XL / LBTS73MLXF- 7’3”, medium-light power, extra-fast action / Retail $300
  • POWER FINESSE / LBTS73MXF - 7’3”, medium power, extra-fast action / Retail $300
  • POWER VERSATILE / LBTS73MHF - 7’3”, medium-heavy power, fast action / Retail $300
  • HAIR JIG / LBTS710MLXF - 7’10”, medium-light power, extra-fast action / Retail $335
  • SWIMMING BAITS / LBTS710MMF – 7’10”, medium power, moderate-fast action / Retail $335

Legendary Impressions

Bassmaster Elite angler, Bob Downey, was among a handful of anglers involved in beta-testing these next-generation Legend Tournament Bass rods. He’s fished 11 of the 24 models and says the new LBTS73MLXF DROPSHOT FINESSE XL is one of his favorites.

“I've primarily used this rod Neko rigging for largemouth,” Downey reports, “and it balances extremely well in the hand with a 3000 to 4000 size spinning reel. The tip feels crisp and light and this slightly longer medium-light rod excelled in delivering longer casts, detecting the lighter bites that tend to be common with this finesse technique, and picking up line quickly for faster hooksets.” Downey describes the sensitivity and balance across the entire Legend Tournament Bass lineup as next-level. “I've caught northern largemouth in Minnesota up to five pounds on the DROPSHOT FINESSE XL and other LTB models, and the performance has been phenomenal across the boards.”

Downey also “wormed” a lipless crankbait with the new LBTC75MHF WARHORSE model to earn a second-place finish at the recent Bassmaster Elite at St. John’s River. “It’s a little stiffer rod than you would normally use for a lipless crankbait, because the fish are usually hitting it on the fall and you need set into them like you would with a Texas rig or a jig,” Downey says. “So you don’t really want a soft, limber rod for this technique. The extra length helps make long casts and allows you to pick up line quickly, too, which is also important for this technique. The 7’5” WARHORSE is an extremely versatile rod that excels in a bunch of different presentations, and worming a lipless crank is definitely one of them.”

Downey says the new hybrid blanks are really what make these rods unique, but new handle designs, also contribute significantly to what anglers will notice in the way of optimum balance, comfort, and performance. “The SCIV+ blanks feel lighter in weight, and I didn’t notice any reduction in strength. St. Croix’s team says they actually tested stronger than previous LTB rods on their Dynamic Analyzer, and after fishing them I have no reason to doubt the claim.”

Downey has also fished two of the iACT Glass reaction-bait models, specifically the LTBC72HM RIP-N-CHATTER and the LTBC74MHM POWER GLASS CRANKER. These moderate-action models – along with the LBTC72MM FINESSE GLASS CRANKER – are laid up with Linear S-Glass in addition to SCIV and SCVI carbon. “I was very impressed with their lighter weight and significantly reduced blank diameters when compared to a pure glass cranking rod,” he says. “I’m not aware of anything else remotely like these rods on the market and I found their overall performance with chatterbaits and crankbaits to be in a class all their own.”

Overall, Downey says new Legend Tournament Bass rods do what they’ve always done for angler, only better. “They give you the ultimate confidence. You don't question whether the rod is going to perform as it should while you are fishing. They’re light, balanced, sensitive, look great, and perform without compromise in their intended applications,” he says. “All I have to worry about is finding the fish and selecting the right bait – I know the rod will give me the upper hand in making the presentation and getting any fish that bites back to the boat.”

Florida big-bass specialist and St. Croix pro, Joe Balog, spends most of his time flipping and punching. “Day in and day out, these are the most productive techniques for targeting double-digit bass where I fish,” he says. Balog’s experience and expertise made him uniquely qualified to test and help develop the new LBTC711HMF POWER FLIP’N model, as he’s done for other heavy-power sticks throughout St. Croix’s lineup.

“St. Croix makes some truly impressive flipping and punching rods, but the new LBTC711HMF – in my opinion – is the new top dog,” Balog says. “Before getting to what’s new, you need to start with what’s right. The extra length, heavy power and moderate-fast action of the LBT711HMF provides the proper platform for what a flipping and punching rod should be, all helping in both presentation and fish-catching ability. The more parabolic bend allows for easier lobbing and flipping of heavy baits, and also helps load the rod up when incorporating the requisite sweeping hookset. Extra length allows for more line to be picked up faster while providing better overall leverage, and heavy power for obvious reasons; it’s required for doing battle with giants in the thickest cover you can fish.”

Now for what’s new. “Most notably, to me, are improvement in overall feel and sensitivity that I can only attribute to the new SCIV+ material. This new rod is simply the most sensitive flipping-style rod I’ve ever used,” Balog reports while noting anglers opting for the LBTC711HMF can also expect to experience next-level balance. “That’s not something that’s easy to pull off on an extra-long, heavy-power bass rod, and considering how well balanced some of their other flipping rods already are, what they’ve created in this rod is really unique.”

With superior balance and sensitivity, Balog says the LTB POWER FLIP’N rod feels and fishes exceptionally light in demanding, heavy-cover situations. “That’s something often overlooked,” he says. “The physical stress of punching heavy baits through thick vegetation all day is real. Having a light, balanced rod greatly reduces arm fatigue when deploying what’s inherently a very demanding and frustrating technique. St. Croix talks about elevating angling experiences, and this is a prime example of one way they’ve done it.”

Enter to Win a Fish with a Legend Experience in Mexico!

The St. Croix Fish with A Legend Experience will give one lucky angler the opportunity to fish a legendary rod on a legendary bass fishery with a legendary outfitter and a true legend of the sport of bass fishing. One Grand Prize winner will receive three new St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass rods and the trip of a lifetime – accommodations at Mexico’s famed Anglers Inn, and one day fishing with Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame angler, Billy Chapman, Jr. on storied Lake El Salto. St. Croix will pay airfare for the winner and cover all expenses at Anglers Inn (except guide and staff tips). The winner may choose to bring a companion, who will cover their own travel expenses. Total estimated value of the Grand Prize is $6000.

Additionally, two First Prize winners will receive two Legend Tournament Bass rods along with an assortment of St Croix apparel and accessories. These First Prize packages are valued at $1000 each.

Entering the Fish with a Legend Experience is easy. Before midnight CDT April 30, anglers can visit, enter their first and last names, a valid email address, and phone number, and they will automatically be entered. No purchase is necessary and only one entry will be accepted per angler. Duplicate entries will be removed. Winners will be chosen at random and notified no later than May 15.