Five new bass rods available NOW

May 18, 2018

Five new bass rods available NOW


St. Croix Rod created chaos at the 2018 Bassmaster Classic Expo with the release of five bass-centric rods built for anglers of all skill levels and means. From a groundbreaking new spinning rod, to two finely tuned tournament masterworks, and a pair of new ways to get your mojo workin', these are the five new rods St. Croix unveiled in Greenville, SC. 



Legend Glass Spinning

The perfect partner for windy days, or to deliver small and midsize baits to fish in multiple depth ranges.   

Legend Glass spinning (LGS72MM) is going to be a game changer for folks that throw light crankbaits on light line, especially the thin profile baits that like to tumble when cast on rods that are too stiff,” says St. Croix’s Dan Johnston. “The blank bends down enough to protect very light fluorocarbon line with a light crankbait, which is something anglers have been looking for a while.”

“That linear S-Glass on the IPC mandrel made Legend Glass arguably the best fiberglass bass rod ever put on the market,” Johnston adds. “The fact that we just put it on a spinning rod is really exciting. It’s cool to be able to finally throw thin-profile lightweight cranks on light line.”  Retail price is $260 


All-New Legend Tournament Pitchin' Rod

In bass fishing, like baseball, every pitch counts.  St. Croix Rod is proud to introduce a new technique-specific model to the Legend Tournament® Bass series, the 7’ 5” heavy-power moderate fast action Pitchin’ rod (LBC75HMF). The St. Croix design team painstakingly considered countless factors to create the ideal pitching rod, including rod length, power, action and ergonomics, to best suit contemporary pitching situations and baits. Retail Price is $300

All new Legend Tournament Bass rods have been refined to include a new guide train, improved reel seats and split-grip cork handles. The series has also been expanded to 33 models, including new 8’ plus models leading the way in long-rod performance. All Legend Tournament Bass rods boast 15-year transferable warranties backed by St. Croix Superstar Service. Retail prices range from $250 to $400.


Legend Tournament Bass Dock Sniper

The Dock Sniper’s 7-foot length allows anglers to seamlessly skip lures long distances. Its heavy-power, fast-action blank is constructed of high-modulus/high-strain SCIV graphite with FRS. Combined with Integrated Poly Curve® (IPC®) mandrel technology and Advanced Reinforcing Technology™ (ART™), this USA built blank delivers unparalleled sensitivity and strength.

Designed for 14- to 25-pound test and 3/8- to 1 ½-ounce lures, the Dock Sniper (LBC70HF) joins the Legend Tournament Bass series and comes complete with Fuji® K-Series Concept Tangle Free guides with Alconite® rings – ideal for braid, monofilament and fluorocarbon lines. A Fuji® PTS blank-touch reel seat and split-grip super-grade cork handle are light in weight and allows for superior sensitivity. Machined-aluminum wind check and trim pieces, as well Kigan hook-keeper, are enveloped with two coats of Flex-Coat slow cure finish. Retail price $290. 

Mojo Bass Power Shake

The brain child of shaky head savant Jesse Wiggins.The seed for the Mojo Bass Power Shake (MJS73MHF) was planted when Bassmaster Elite Pro Jesse Wiggins met St. Croix's Director of Engineering Jason Brunner at ICAST 2017. 

“Whenever you’re building a rod to pro specs, one of the difficulties can be getting the angler and engineers speaking the same language,” says Brunner. “But Jesse was articulate and specific about what he wanted—in the most simple terms, a spinning rod with a combination of medium-power butt section and medium-heavy tip section in the 7’ 3” length."

What followed was a spinning rod that's superb for super long casts, deep water fishing, and picking up slack. The Mojo Bass Power Shake was honed and hammered on the ledges of the Tennessee River, and comes with SCIII graphite and IPC® mandrel technology for stunning performance at an unbelievable value at $140 retail.   


Mojo Bass Dock Sniper

An affordable rod with the accuracy and backbone to battle in close quarters. The 7’, heavy-power, fast action rod shoots for precision, as accuracy is requisite to hitting sweet spots around docks. The Mojo Bass Dock Sniper’s (MJC70HF) fast-action tip allows gentle, precise placement of baits, while its heavy backbone gives you the lifting power to hoist bass away from underwater brush piles, cables and ladders that threaten to snag your catch—all for $130.