St. Croix Technology That Elevates Performance


July 17, 2023

St. Croix Technology That Elevates Performance: TET

Tech: Taper Enhancement Technology (TET)
Applications: Precision-cut, curved blank patterns
Primary Benefits: TET creates rods with better action and improved sensitivity 

Used On: Avid, Avid Inshore, Avid Panfish, Avid Walleye, Legend Elite, Legend Elite Musky, Legend Elite Panfish, Legend Glass, Legend Surf, Legend Tournament Bass, Legend Tournament Pike, Legend Tournament Walleye, Legend X, Legend Xtreme, Legend Xtreme Inshore, Victory

What is TET?

Taper Enhancement Technology (TET) incorporates precision-cut, curved blank patterns from state-of-the-art computer pattern-cutting machines. TET can be used with any carbon or glass rod-building material.

What Does TET Do?

TET represents a dramatic departure from straight-line patterns cut by hand. Curved TET patterns fit and lay up more precisely on IPC mandrels, resulting in stronger and more consistent actions with improved feel and greater sensitivity for the angler.

Taper Enhancement Technology is just one of many specialized, proprietary technologies and materials that allow St. Croix to handcraft the Best Rods on Earth and deliver on our promise of giving anglers the upper hand during their valuable time on the water.