July 30, 2019


Redesigned for 2020, St. Croix’s Mojo Glass Bass brings anglers more glass options for hot presentations at a great price point

New for 2020, St. Croix has reimagined the Mojo Bass Glass series—and what you’ll find is the addition of IPC mandrel technology and designs to meet the needs of anglers that know and understand the value of a premium moderate action glass rod… and at a Mojo Bass price point.

The Mojo Bass Glass series includes five moderate action rods—four new casting models and one new spinning rod—covering a wide range of technique-specific applications. What anglers will find are specially-designed models suited to target cranking, chatterbaits and rattlebaits, multi-purpose crankbait fishing, as well as a model designed specifically for plus-sized crankbaits.


The casting rod line-up starts with the MGC610MM TARGET CRANKER, a 6’10” medium power rod. Next is the MGC72MM CRANKER, a 7’2” medium power rod. Fans of chatterbaits and rattlebaits should rejoice over the MGC72HM RIP-N-CHATTER, a 7’2” heavy power stick incredibly adept at shaking a rattlebait or slicing a chatterbait through the salad. And, for those big crankbaits, meet the MGC74MHM BIG CRANKER, a 7’4” medium-power rod.


Lastly, on the spinning rod and crankbait front, St. Croix is happy to offer the MGS72MM CRANKER, a 7’2” medium power rod. All models retail in the real-world range of $140-$160. 

“The rod designs all start with IPC mandrel technology and super premium, 100% linear S-glass. In terms of aesthetics, they’re painted Mojo Green Metallic. The cork shape on the casting model does not have a foregrip; it has a casting ring like Mojo Bass, and the guide platform is the same as Mojo Bass with Kigan Master Hand 3D black guides. We changed the design on the reel seat to make it more ergonomic and provide improved angler comfort. The EVA butt caps are also preferred by a lot of anglers, so that was a nice crossover with the Mojo Bass series, too,” says Gavin Falk, Project Engineer, St. Croix Rod.

“But comparatively speaking, to the old Mojo Bass Glass, when you pick them up they’re better balanced than the previous designs. Mojo Bass Glass blanks have been engineered to perform as efficiently as possible. The castability is effortless. They’re extremely easy to use,” says Jason Brunner, Director of Engineering and Manufacturing, St. Croix Rod.

 Mojo Bass glass



  • Integrated Poly Curve® (IPC®) mandrel technology.
  • Super premium, 100% linear S-glass.
  • Kigan Master Hand 3D guides featuring slim, strong aluminum-oxide rings with black frames.
  • Fuji® ECS reel seat with black hood on casting models.
  • Fuji® DPS reel seat with black hoods on spinning model.
  • Split-grip/premium-grade cork handle.
  • Exclusive Kigan hook-keeper.
  • Two coats of Flex-Coat slow cure finish.
  • 5-year warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service.
  • Crankbait-specific bass series designed for superior performance.
  • Designed in Park Falls and handcrafted in Fresnillo, Mexico.