Panfish Don’t Stand a Chance

August 22, 2022

Panfish Don’t Stand a Chance

PARK FALLS, WI (August 22, 2022) – Crappies are crappin’, bluegills are buggin’ and perch are in peril. Why? St. Croix Rod of Park Falls, Wisconsin, USA, has leveraged all it knows, employed all its top technologies, and unleashed one of its fishiest materials to-date in the creation of nine all-new technique-driven panfish rods poised to give more anglers than ever the upper hand in the pursuit of panfish.  

Recognized, respected and trusted worldwide, St. Croix’s vast Avid Series has earned its place as a preferred choice of experienced anglers seeking an optimal combination of premium materials, sensitivity, durability, top St. Croix technologies and exceptional value in an American-crafted fishing rod. Indeed, the series is so popular with anglers that Avid is designated by St. Croix as a legacy series, meaning it’s unlikely to ever be retired.

This legacy continues in 2023, with the newest chapter in St. Croix’s made-in-the-USA angler-favorite Avid Series… all-new Avid Series Panfish rods, retailing at a mid-price point between $200 and $250 and featuring a 15-year warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service.


Avid Series Panfish rods begin with brand new hybrid SCIII+ carbon fiber blanks – technology born from Avid and enhanced and refined in last year’s landmark St. Croix Victory Series. Crafted from a distinct combination of premium SCIII carbon and exotic SCVI carbon, SCIII+ blanks are lighter and stronger than previous-generation SCIII equivalents. Strength, durability, sensitivity and smoothness are further enhanced by St. Croix’s proven IPC, ART, TRT and FRS technologies. Signature characteristics of SCIII+ include the combination of a soft tip and solid backbone, however, every individual Avid Series Panfish blank is custom-designed and crafted with varying amounts and locations of SCVI carbon to optimize performance in the intended applications, such as dock shooting, for example, with the 69MLXF model.

All-new Avid Series Panfish rods consist of nine technique-minded spinning models in angler-preferred lengths, powers and actions to support today’s evolving panfish presentations that demand fast, accurate, sensitive and forgiving tips, as well as a firm backbone. The pitch and swim, dipping, jigging and swimming microplastics, underspins, bobber rigging, micro-crankbaits, dock shooting and more; all are supported by Avid Series Panfish via advanced St. Croix design, vertical manufacturing, and precise and prideful handcraftsmanship on US soil. Models range from 6’ to 9’ in length with ultralight to medium-light powers and moderate-fast to extra-fast actions.

Inspired by today’s technique-specific bass and walleye rods, new Avid Series Panfish rods feature unique, uplocking nylon reel seats fully integrated with modified split-grip handle designs to promote balanced and effortless fishing. Designed to extend ideal control while combatting angler fatigue, these ergonomic handles combine super-grade cork with durable composite cork accents. A premium EVA-over-nylon locking nut completes the highly comfortable angler interface, becoming the lower part of the grip. Rest your pinkie there or slide it back to maintain direct contact with the highly sensitive blank.

Carefully selected to minimize tip weight while promoting worry-free performance with delicate monofilament, fluorocarbon and micro-braid lines, guide trains on all-new Avid Series Panfish rods are lightweight, rigid, Seaguide Delta TYG stainless steel frames with durable, stainless steel inserts. During testing with typical panfish lines, these unique triangular-shaped guides consistently delivered casting distances significantly greater than the same rods casting the same lines and lures with traditional round guides.

Avid Series Panfish aesthetics are subtle yet progressive, showcasing the familiar Carbon Pearl finish of previous Avid Series rods with contemporary blue wraps and silver accents.

New St. Croix Avid Series Panfish Features

  • Super high-modulus hybrid carbon fiber SCIII+ blanks matched with Fortified Resin System (FRS) technology for maximum power and strength with significantly reduced blank weight
  • Integrated Poly Curve® (IPC®) mandrel technology
  • Taper Enhancement Technology (TET) blank design provides curved patterns for improved action with increased sensitivity
  • Advanced Reinforcing TechnologyTM (ARTTM)
  • Ultra durable, rigid, Seaguide Delta TYG stainless steel guides with stainless steel rings
  • Ergonomic nylon reel seat with nylon/premium EVA locking nut
  • Modified split-grip super-grade cork handles with cork composite accents
  • 15-year transferable warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service
  • Designed and handcrafted in Park Falls, U.S.A. for panfish anglers worldwide
  •  Retail price $200 to $250

New St. Croix Avid Series Panfish Models

  • ASPS60ULF – 6’0”, ultralight power, fast action, spinning / Retail $200
  • ASPS64LF – 6’4”, light power, fast action, spinning / Retail $205
  • ASPS69ULF – 6’9”, ultralight power, fast action, spinning / Retail $215
  • ASPS69MLXF – 6’9”, medium-light power, extra-fast action, spinning / Retail $215
  • ASPS70LXF – 7’0”, light power, extra-fast action, spinning / Retail $220
  • ASPS70MLXF – 7’0”, medium-light power, extra-fast action, spinning / Retail $220
  • ASPS73MLXF – 7’3”, medium-light power, extra-fast action, spinning / Retail $230
  • ASPS80LMF2 – 8’0”, light power, moderate-fast action, 2-piece, spinning / Retail $240
  • ASPS90LMF2 – 9’0”, light power, moderate-fast action, 2-piece, spinning / Retail $250

Providing passionate panfish anglers with an exciting new combination of St. Croix materials, technologies, ergonomics and premium componentry, all-new made-in-the-USA Avid Series Panfish rods are available at St. Croix dealers worldwide and at right now.

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