Gumption, Desire and Trusted Rod

May 05, 2016

Gumption, Desire and Trusted Rod

Rhode Island’s state-record largemouth landed with dedication and St. Croix Premiere

Park Falls, WI (May 6, 2016) Ever hear the story about the guy who set out to catch a state-record fish

and, well, actually did? Dont feel alone if you havent. After all, the chances are a million-to- one of it

ever coming to fruition, no matter how much time is put in.


But what transpired after dark on Saturday, April 30, 2016, was just that: Rhode Islands Brandon

Migliore landed the states largest Largemouth bass an 11-pound 3.2-ounce brute, to be exact. But it

was no accident. Migliore and his fishin bud, Matt Sheldon, dedicated countless hours over several

years to catching the record. And, like every other one of their weekend fishing excursions in the past,

the 29-year- old Sterling resident had his trusted St. Croix rod with himwhich hes been casting over 16

yearswhen the duo set out to fish Johnsons Pond, near Coventry.


Were not just two kids that lucked into catching a state-record fish, says Migliore. Weve spent a ton

of time for a lots of years. While most guys our age go to bars and nightclubs, we spend our weekends

fishing. We always knew one of us would beat the record.

The rod, a 6-foot medium-power, fast-action Premier spinning rod, was a birthday gift from his mother

when Migliore turned 13. It was purchased from an official St. Croix dealer, Sandy Bottom Bait amp; Tackle,

in Coventry the very shop he returned to weigh his record-breaking fish. The behemoth gobbled up a

topwater lure fished on 30-pound- test superline.


I knew it was a big fish the moment I set the hook, Migliore stated. It took about two minutes to reel

it in. Matt grabbed her the moment she touched the bank.

The duos handheld scale showed the fish at 10.5 pounds, which would have been just under the 25-

year-long standing record of 10.6 pounds, caught in 1991. The bass was kept alive in a cooler until the

following morning, when Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management gave it the official

weight of 11.2 pounds and 23.5-inch length.


Gumption? Diehard anglers have it. Desire? That, too. And once they find the right rod, its a fit for a