Put Cranks in Their Place

June 09, 2015

Put Cranks in Their Place

St. Croix’s Mojo Bass Glass Target Cranker lets you cast crankbaits spot on like a pro

A long distance cast? That can become most anyones claim to fame after just a few moments of on-the-water lobs. How about the angler who can get a bait to bulls-eye with every flip of the wrist? Thats the signature of someone whos made countless castseach time the lure landing precisely where it needs to besnug to structure.

Seasoned crankbait anglers know a spot-on cast is truly the secret to bass-catching success. Its all about the lure whacking against wood at the waterline; a cast made up and under an overhanging branch so it can be ripped over a steep break riddled with rocks or cranked in like crazy alongside docks and cribs. Or squarebills bounced off underwater timber into narrow strike windows, like BASSMASTER Elite finesse cranker and St. Croix pro James Niggemeyer

But not just any ol stick will do the trick.

After the strike and perfect lip-piercing set, the rod must allow the hooks and lure to stay put right where they belong, in the fishs yap, not slinging back at eye level after being ripped free during the jump or after a twisting, turning bulldog battle.

Its these very reasons why the rod designers in Park Falls, Wisconsin, created St. Croixs Target Cranker for 2013, the newest of now 17 models in the Mojo Bass line

mojo bass

up and one of three built on super-premium, 100% linear S-Glass blanks. Theyre perfect for doing battle with boisterous bronzebacks and lunker largies, yet forgiving enough for when a fish takes a stab at a crank up close and personal. The secret is the unique S-Glass blank which is extremely lightweight and provides the moderate-action so critical when fishing treble-hook lures like crankbaits.

I love this rod Its as simple as that, says BASSMASTER Elite series pro James Niggemeyer. Its shorter length allows me to cast a crankbait in close quarters and lets me work the lure around structure. The tip is forgiving for when a fish hits up close to the boat, so they wont rip free from the hooks, adds the Van, Texas, resident. The Target Cranker is definitely the right rod for the crankbait-specific job.

Like the others in the top-notch Mojo Bass line, the 610 Target Cranker (model # MBGC610MM) is rife with quality components including a Fuji ECS reel seat mated to a split-grip/premium-grade cork handle and thin-ring, aluminum-oxide guides skillfully wrapped with nylon thread and finished with Flex Coat slow-cure finish. All of this quality and performance at a retail price of $110. (Shazam!)

And, of course, the entire Mojo Bass series carry a 5-year warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service.

The Target Cranker was designed so you can cast crankbaits spot-on like a pro the moment you pick up the rod and make that first cast. And it has the action that allows you to land more fish rather than watch the lure pull free and fling through the air. So sit back. Relax. Cast And put cranks in their place.