New Ice Rods Rock Heavy Metal, Earn 'Master of Puppets' Status

October 16, 2014

New Ice Rods Rock Heavy Metal, Earn 'Master of Puppets' Status

St. Croix’s new Avid Ice Jigging Rods are designed to dance the deadliest walleye baits on ice

Park Falls, Wis. (October 8, 2014) Like the 1986 release of Metallicas Master of Puppets, St. Croixs new Avid Ice Jigging Rods are an instant heavy metal classic.

Built specifically to control proven walleye baits like Jigging Raps, Puppet Minnows, and responsive metal like Slender Spoons and PK Flutter Fish, St. Croix Avid Ice Jigging rods offer walleye ice anglers exactly the right rod for ripping, jigging and bomb dropping walleyes with metal.

Seriously, save the finesse for shampoo. From Lake Tobin, Saskatchewan, to the Bay of Quinte (and all points in between), power fishing big jigs, minnow-profile baits and spoons accounts for more monster walleyes than everything else combined.

But youve gotta have backbone to fish em. Like the St. Croix Avid Ice Jigging Rods precision-tapered solid carbon blank, designed specifically for seek and destroy missions of all-day rippin and freight-train aggression bites.

The new rods are built with an ultra-sensitive carbon handle, too. Perfect for those days when you need to feel a minnow breathe on the end of a walleye-sized tungsten and know its just barely touching bottom. Or when it does the herky-jerk, that paydirt is imminent.

Walleye ice anglers had been asking us to produce a technique-specific rod for Jigging Raps, walleye-sized jigs and spoons. So, we went to work and spent considerable time perfecting the blank and handle designs, says Jeff Schluter, St. Croix Rod V.P. of Brand Management. Ultimately, through the use of a precision-tapered solid carbon blank and carbon handle we discovered the perfect marriage of power and sensitivity that these baits require.

Avid Ice Jigging Rods also feature Kigan stripper guides and lightweight, low-profile running guides that ensure line flows straight, true and unobstructed, even with the line-to-leader knots or small barrel swivels and fluorocarbon leaders used to fish these baits.

Creators of the ice industrys only patented spring bobber rod and holders of numerous exclusive fishing rod technologies, St. Croix proudly offers six new Avid Ice Jigging Rod models from medium-light to medium-heavy in 27-, 30- and 36-inch lengths. Each is made in U.S.A. with foreign and domestic materials, and retails between $50 and $55.