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Blank Materials Guide

Great rods begin with the highest quality blank materials and expert manufacturing techniques and processes.
Each material listed here is exclusive to St. Croix and is designed for specific performance characteristics.


Exotic, 62,000,000 modulus, high-strain graphite fiber featuring FRS. Used only as a compliment to other graphite materials, this very expensive graphite is too high in modulus to be used as the primary material.

Featured in Legend Elite®,
Legend® Xtreme, Panfish Series,
Trout Series, Legend® Xtreme Inshore, Bank Robber and High Stick Drifter rods.

Extremely efficient material that adds power with minimal weight. Assists in minimizing blank diameter. For the discriminating angler who appreciates exotic performance.


Extraordinary, high-modulus/high-strain graphite fiber with carbon-matte scrim. Featuring FRS, this is the finest all-purpose blank material used in fishing rod manufacturing and is exclusive to St. Croix.

Featured in Legend Elite®
Legend® Xtreme, LegendXtreme® Inshore, Bank Robber and High Stick Drifter rods.

Creates the lightest, most sensitive and strongest rods on the planet. If you like to push the envelope and lead the way, these are the rods for you. Made for those who outfish their buddies and rely on their rods to do it.


Exceptional, high-modulus/high-strain graphite fiber featuring FRS. Similar to SCV, but without the carbon-matte scrim.

Featured in Legend Tournament®
Bass/Walleye/Musky, Legend® Trek,
Legend® Surf, Sole and Imperial® rods.

Produces extremely light and sensitive rods. Not quite to the level of SCV, but very close. Ideal for the angler who insists on fishing only with top-grade rods.


Advanced, high-modulus/high-strain graphite fiber. Modulus is between SCIV and SCII.

Featured in Avid Series®, Avid X, Avid Pearl, Mojo Bass, Avid Series® Inshore, Avid Series® Surf rods.

Produces rods that are super sensitive and lightweight with great durability. A fine choice if you are a serious angler who demands high-performance and value.


FRS version of our popular SCII graphite fiber. This mid-modulus graphite fiber combined with our fortified super resin creates rod blanks with unbeatable strength and durability.

Featured in Mojo Salt and Mojo Jig rods.

This material is a perfect choice when extreme durability and high-performance are equally important.


Premium, mid-modulus graphite fiber with a higher strain rate than fibers commonly used by others.

Featured in Premier®, Wild River®,
Mojo Cat, Mojo Musky, Eyecon®, Panfish Series, Trout Series, Bass X, Triumph®, Tidemaster®, Mojo Inshore, Mojo Surf, Triumph® Surf, Imperial®, Mojo Bass Fly and Rio Santo rods.

This is our most popular material that produces rods that are highly sensitive, lightweight and durable. It's an outstanding choice for anglers who appreciate high-performance without high cost.


Super premium 100% linear S-glass that is stronger, lighter, higher in modulus and
more expensive than E-glass.

Featured in Legend® Glass, Premier® Glass Musky, Wild River® Downrigging/Kokanee,
Mojo Bass Glass, Mojo Cat, 
Eyecon® Trolling, Mojo Salt, and tip sections of moderate action Legend® Surf and Mojo Surf rods.

This high-performance, specialty material creates lightweight rods that are softer in action compared to graphite. Ideal for saltwater boat and surf, freshwater trolling and crankbait rods. This fine fiberglass is perfect for discriminating anglers.


ART™ is an exotic carbon fiber material that adds a magnitude (10X) of strength with virtually no increase in blank diameter or weight.

Featured in Legend Elite®,
Legend® Xtreme, Legend Tournament® Bass/Walleye/ Musky, Legend® Xtreme Inshore, Legend® Trek, Legend® Surf, Mojo Salt, Mojo Jig, Bank Robber™, High Stick Drifter and Sole rods. Also used in multi-piece rods that feature our
slim-profile ferrule design.

Click here for details. Seek rods with ART if you’re an angler who pushes the boundaries of performance.