Tundra Ice Rods

September 12, 2022

Tundra Ice Rods

The St. Croix Tundra Series is a culmination of ice-centric features and technologies wrapped in an extremely durable package at a retail-price range of $105 to $135. Featuring nine distinct spinning models ranging from 26” to 36” in light to medium-heavy power, fast and extra-fast action Tundra Series rods offer anglers different blanks and thoughtfully designed handle configurations for optimized comfort and performance in multiple ice presentations.

Extra-fast action, light-power Tundra models get strong, Xtreme-Flex solid glass blanks with supple, hi-vis strike-indicating tips. Fast action, medium-light through medium-heavy models are built on crisp and powerful Precision-Taper solid carbon blanks for trophy-landing performance. All Tundra blanks are matte finished in a covert Glacial Gray color.

Handle designs are customized per model. Light and medium-light power Tundras are equipped with angler-preferred premium cork split-grip handles for optimal control and maximum versatility in panfish presentations.

Medium and medium-heavy power models are equipped with premium full-cork handles by angler demand. With the exception of the medium-heavy model which includes a SeaGuide NPS reel seat for peace-of-mind and extra security while doing battle with heavy predators, all other Tundra ice rods are designed without reel seats to allow precise and balanced, custom reel placement in accordance with individual angler preference.

The guide trains on Tundra Series rods are engineered and executed to be durable, lightweight and trouble-free in the most-demanding conditions. A strong REC Recoil® stripper guide meets SeaGuide® light-wire running guides that reduce surface area to minimize ice buildup. Tip-tops are SeaGuide® stainless steel with a slick PVD coating.


St. Croix Tundra Ice Models

  • SCT26LXF – 26”, light power, extra-fast action spinning / Retail $105
  • SCT30LXF – 30”, light power, extra-fast action spinning / Retail $105
  • SCT34LXF – 34”, light power, extra-fast action spinning / Retail $105
  • SCT27MLF – 27”, medium-light power, fast action spinning / Retail $120
  • SCT27MF – 27”, medium power, fast action spinning / Retail $120
  • SCT30MLF – 30”, medium-light power, fast action spinning / Retail $125
  • SCT30MF – 30”, medium power, fast action spinning / Retail $125
  • SCT36MF – 36”, medium power, fast action spinning / Retail $135
  • SCT36MHF – 36”, medium-heavy power, fast action spinning / Retail $135

St. Croix Tundra Ice Features

  • Two blank materials: Xtreme-Flex solid glass extra fast blanks designed for supple, strike-indicating tips and Precision-Taper solid carbon fast action blanks for trophy-landing performance
  • Ultra-durable cork handles customized per model and application
  • SeaGuide® NPS reel seat on a select model with no-show thread nut
  • Durable REC Recoil® stripper guide for the ultimate in durability
  • SeaGuide® light-wire running guides with reduced surface area to minimize ice buildup
  • SeaGuide® stainless steel tip top with PVD coating
  • Hi-vis orange tips on select glass models for quick reference and visual strike indication
  • 5-year warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service

Designed in Park Falls, U.S.A. and handcrafted in Fresnillo, Mexico