St. Croix Technology That Elevates Performance


March 17, 2023

St. Croix Technology That Elevates Performance: iACT

Tech: iACT (Internally Active)
Applications: Tri-blend material specially engineered for moderate-action reaction-bait rods
Primary Benefits: Creates moderate-action rods that are smaller in diameter, thinner walled, lighter, more sensitive, and with faster recovery than 100% glass rods.
Used On: 3 Select St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass Series reaction bait models 

  • FINESSE GLASS CRANKER (iACT) / LBTC72MM - 7’2”, medium power, moderate action
  • RIP-N-CHATTER / LBTC72HM (iACT) - 7’2”, heavy power, moderate action
  • POWER GLASS CRANKER / LBTC74MHM (iACT) – 7’4”, medium-heavy power, moderate action

What is iACT?

iACT is a blend of SCIV carbon, exotic SCVI carbon, and proprietary 100% linear S-glass. The linear S-glass runs the full length of the blank, while the SCIV and SCVI carbon material are strategically placed in locations and amounts that optimize strength, sensitivity, and balance.

What Does iACT Do?

iACT allows St. Croix engineers to build softer, moderate-action rods that excel in reaction-bait applications while remaining lighter, thinner-walled, smaller in diameter, and more sensitive than 100% glass rods of equivalent action. They also have a faster recovery that contributes to more accurate casting.

St. Croix Engineering Supervisor, Gavin Falk, says the three iACT models – specifically engineered for hardbait applications like crankbaits and chatterbaits – represent a significant technological achievement for anglers. “These rods introduce a third material – our 100% linear S-glass – to the Legend Tournament Bass hybrid SCIV+ blank to produce rods with the softer actions reaction presentations demand. We call the combination iACT. It stands for Internally Active, and it allows us to deliver those slower, parabolic actions necessary to convert strikes to landed fish, while maintaining peak sensitivity in a blank that’s significantly smaller in diameter and lighter than a pure glass cranking rod.”

Because these iACT models possess exceptional sensitivity and recovery, St. Croix Brand Manager, Ryan Teach, says they’re like no other moderate-action rods on the market. “You can even walk a topwater with complete control using one of these Legend Tournament Bass iACT rods,” Teach says. “That’s not something typically thought of as possible with a rod that has any type of glass in it. You can walk these baits with precision and never even think you have a glass rod in your hands until you’ve hooked up on a fish and the parabolic action takes over.”

iACT is just one of many proprietary hybrid materials which allow St. Croix to handcraft the Best Rods on Earth that deliver on the promise of giving anglers the upper hand during their valuable time on the water.