St. Croix Celebrates a 72

Made Fishing Rods

July 17, 2020

St. Croix Celebrates a 72-Year History of American-Made Fishing Rods

Americans learning what St. Croix anglers already know: “Made in USA” is more than just a marketing label

From the critical PPE and supplies necessary to respond to a global health pandemic to the day-to-day products that support our normal lives and livelihoods, “Made in the USA” has taken on new levels of meaning and importance for many Americans.



After a nearly 6-week shutdown, the employees at the St. Croix Rod Factory in Park Falls, Wisconsin are happy and grateful to be back at work. And, as America celebrates its 244th year of independence, St. Croix is taking the opportunity to celebrate its 72nd year of handcrafting the Best Rods on Earth® right here in the USA – for the benefit of anglers at home and around the globe.


St. Croix’ s Premier Series of rods has been the top-selling family of American-made rods for over a decade running. “I know these rods have a special place in the minds of my team members, because Premier has been in production in Park Falls longer than any other,” says St. Croix Production Supervisor, Brandi Schmidt. “When we see Premier rods on the schedule, it resonates that there have been over 60 years of Premier rods coming through this factory. There is a real sense of pride to make sure that the rods we produce today live up to that name and that legacy.”



How can anglers celebrate 72 years of domestic fishing rod production along with St. Croix and its employees? “That’s easy!” says Schmidt. “We just want you to go fishing, and take someone new to the sport with you if you can. And if you need a new fishing rod, we sincerely hope you’ll consider one of ours. I know each of the 32 people who touch each rod leaving this factory, personally. Each one of them takes great pride in their work and wants you to experience how our technologies, materials and craftsmanship come together to elevate your fishing experience.”



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