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Welcome to the newscenter for St. Croix Rods. Here you can find news, stories, updates and product information released throughout the year. If you would like to receive the quarterly St. Croix newsletter, the sign up to the left will add you to the mailing list. 

St. Croix Reveals New High Performance Catfish Rods

Elite-class Mojo Cat rods legitimize the pursuit of monster catfish
St. Croix Reveals New High Performance Catfish Rods

Park Falls, WI (November 13, 2015) – Mark Twain had it right all along. Giant whiskered whales really do haunt America’s waterways. Although Twain’s account of “a Mississippi catfish of more than six feet long” might have been a slight stretch,…

One-Upping Themselves

St. Croix’s super popular Mojo Bass series is now stronger, lighter and more sensitive with SCIII® and IPC® upgrades
One-Upping Themselves

Park Falls, Wi (November 3, 2015) – We all know “that guy”. You know, Mr. One-Up… You land a 5-pound smallie? He just catches a 5-1/2-pounder. You take 4th in a club tournament (bass…or chess). He slides in with a 3rd…