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Special Feature
St. Croix ice rod case is made of durable nylon canvas and features a handy carrying strap.

Winter is not something to survive. It is not time to read a book or catch up on Breaking Bad. Okay, maybe a Breaking Bad marathon is not out of the question. In fact, it might be the perfect end to a day of pulling fish out of a hole in the ice with a St.Croix® ice rod. Legend Gold, Legend Silver, Avid Ice or the brand new Mojo Ice, no one puts more rod technology on hard water. Period.

Ice News:


St. Croix expands the eve-popular Mojo lineup, adding namesake ice fishing rods. At first glance, the uniqueness of Mojo ICE is evident in its specialized reel-seat and handle section. St. Croix rod crafter, Jason Brunner, elaborates. “I’ll be honest; the split-grip cork/EVA handle is pretty cool looking. But there’s much more to it than that.

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St. Croix Ice Rods
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    Legend Gold and Legend Silver ice rods raise the bar regarding ice rod quality and performance.

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    Avid Ice Jigging and Avid Glass Ice rods are designed specifically for jigging and panfish applications.

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    New for 2017 – Solid precision-designed rods for today’s ice angler seeking the best in performance and value, Mojo Ice is perfectly suited for a wide variety of fishing styles, techniques and species.